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LIGHT US UP 2013 – performance, Entropy Night, W139, Amsterdam

Two worlds that never meet were brought together in this performance. Former drug addicts and homeless people can produce colorful candles in a work center in Amsterdam which is run by a non-profit organization. Here the candle makers are paid 5 euros per day just for showing up. We used the same method to realize the performance: before the performance we handed out candles made in the work center to men hanging around in parks in Amsterdam and asked them to bring them to W139 in exchange for 5 euros. We instructed them to light their candles when entering the building and leave them in the room. The people roaming the streets of Amsterdam and the people coming together in art spaces overlapped for the duration of the performance confronting us with the rules of our social belief systems and its paradoxes.

In collaboration with Cathalijne Smulders
Photography: Ayako Nishibori